Welcome to Practical Philosophy Kingston

We offer a ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

The course draws on timeless wisdom common to both east and west. It takes inspiration from Advaita philosophy and explores how we can live a true and happy life; how to live life to the full and make better decisions benefitting not only ourselves but also all those around us. It can delight you and make you think. Above all it can help you discover who you really are.

It is based on sound philosophical principles and you will enjoy the good company of like-minded people. With practice the wisdom of the wise can become your own through direct experience, a great gift indeed.

Join our Practical Philosophy Course today and accept our “Gift of Happiness”. All are welcome, whatever age, culture or background. No prior knowledge is required.

Want to know more? Click on these links for course outline, what people say about it, a list of FAQ's. You can also enrol online.