Welcome to Practical Philosophy Kingston

We offer a ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

Course Fees

Gift of Happiness (Introductory Practical Philosophy Course): £10 for full ten week term

The Foundation Group is for students wishing to continue after the Introductory Course and study Practical Philosophy Parts 2 - 5 (See fees below)

The New Meditators Group is for students studying Practical Philosophy Parts 6 - 12 (See fees below)

Standing Order
We offer a reduced rate to all students paying by monthly standing order similar to a gym membership. As well as costing 15% less, many find it more convenient and helpful in managing their finances. Please ask for a Standing Order form and after completing it send it to your bank, or set one up with your bank online. You retain full control; simply keep the standing order running until you decide you no longer wish to attend a group. We encourage payment this way as it is less onerous on our volunteer administration team.

Concessionary fees
We have a simple concessionary fees policy: automatic reduction for full-time students and family groups at the same address; otherwise it’s based on need. Our aim is that no one should be prevented from coming to Practical Philosophy due to financial constraints. If you believe you might qualify and would like to be considered for a concessionary fee, please discuss this with your tutor in the first instance.

Fees paid in  lump sum at the beginning of term:
[New Meditators Group] Termly Fee £80/term
[Foundation Group] Termly Fee £68/term
[Foundation Group] Concessionary Termly Fee £60/term
[All Groups] Full-time student Fee £48/term
[All Groups] Family rate (living at same address) £130/term

Fees Paid Monthly by Standing Order:
[All Groups] Standing Order Monthly Fee £17/m
[All Groups] Concessionary Standing Order Monthly Fee £15/m
[All Groups] Full-time Student Standing Order Monthly Fee £12/m
[All Groups] Family rate Standing Order Monthly Fee £30/m

Note 1: Although we make every effort to avoid changes at short notice, we reserve the right to vary fees as necessary to cover our costs. We are a charity and you are welcome to donate more.

Note 2: Monthly paid fees must be paid for 4 consecutive months to cover one terms fee.