Welcome to Practical Philosophy Kingston

We offer a ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy


The School of Economic Science has it's head Office at 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ. Practical Philosophy Kingston was started in 1994 as the Kingston Branch of the School of Economic Science and we run our course at various hired venues in central Kingston and Richmond. 

History of the School
The School of Economic Science was founded by Leon MacLaren in London in 1937 during a period of severe economic depression. Its purpose, during these inter-war years, was ‘to discover the natural laws governing the relations between men in society’. Courses in economics were offered, inspired chiefly by the work of the nineteenth century American economist Henry George. Economics courses continue to this day and the Economics Faculty which continues to thrive.

As time progressed, the need became increasingly evident to look beyond the realm of economics. This led to an interest in philosophy – ‘the love of wisdom’ – as a means of gaining deeper insights into the natural laws of economics. The first public courses in philosophy started in 1954, based on the teachings of Ouspensky and Gurdjieff, and within a few years philosophy became the central subject of study and practice within the School.

The arrival of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in London in 1959 brought meditation which became the next stage of development. It was soon taken up by long-standing students. In the early 1960s, contact was made with a leading figure of the Vedantic tradition in India, Maharaja Shri Shantananda Saraswati. He offered invaluable guidance in the study and practice of philosophy for over 30 years. Through this connection the School was introduced to the universal teaching known as Advaita, which means literally ‘universal’ or ‘devoid of duality’.

The School has expanded geographically so that courses in philosophy, and other subjects, are now available through more than 40 branch locations in the UK outside of London. During the same period a number of associated overseas schools have been established.