Welcome to Practical Philosophy Kingston

We offer a ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy


We recommend mantra-based meditation to all our students as it is complimentary to practical philosophy. It is offered in the third and fourth term of the course but students are welcome to take it up at an earlier stage if they so wish. Meditation is an individual practice and it is entirely voluntary.

Students who wish to take up the practice of meditation are introduced to it under the auspices of our sister school - The School of Meditation. There are three possible venues which are used for this purpose once each term. See dates and Venues. This gets people started on the method of meditation and thereafter students meditate together regularly here in Kingston.

We also offer meditation tutorials in Kingston and mentors for people who already meditate and wish to deepen their practice of meditation so you would not need to return to the School of Meditation for further tutorials in the practice of meditation.

Some Quotes from students:-
"Meditation puts you in touch with yourself. All the surface things, all the trivialities of life, tend to take you away from yourself. But in meditation you leave these things alone as best you can and come back to yourself. It is like a thread which is always constant although everything else changes."     Civil Engineer.

"Meditation brings us to the bedrock of our being, a place of lightness, confidence and peace." Drama Therapist.

A Quote from a master teacher of meditation:-
“Through the ages a number of systems have been given. Some are hard compared with others, some are long in relation to time. The system of meditation which has been given to us is the culmination of all simplicity by which the evolution of mankind is most easy.”
                                                                                    Maharaja Sri Shantananda Saraswati